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Moving to Edge Animate

Having been invoved with Edg Animate for a rather long time, I have come to really appreciate its elegance and simplicity. It all came about because, a couple of years ago , I realized Flash had essentially run out its string and I needed something new to keep me interested. Enter Edge Animate.

This app is not the Flash Killer people seem to think it is. It's combination of HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript/JQuery allows anyone involved in web motion graphics to quickly get into the game. It is dead simple to use and, even more interesting if you are a Flash User, dead simple to learn. Naturally I have been up to my eyeballs in learning the app and sharing what I have learned with the community. Here's a list of the courses and tutorials I have completed to date:


Getting Started with Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Developer Center-

Beginners Guide to Adobe Edge Preview Release 3

Beginners Guide to Preview Release 4

At Web Design TutsPlus-

Learn the Edge Scripting features

Put assets in an existing web page into motion

Create an animated logo

At Layermagazine.com-

Preview 4 Overview

Use Web Fonts

Create and use Symbols

Scripting events in Edge

Basic animation Part 01

Basic animation Part 02


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April 25-28
FITC, Toronto.
FITC Conference

June 3, 2010:
Humber Showcase.

June 18 - 21, 2010
Designer Developer
Workflow Conference
Kansas City, Mo.

July 19-23, 2010:
Emerging Technologies Symposium
San Jose, Ca.

July 26- 30
Adobe Education Leaders Summer Institute
San Jose, Ca.

October 22- 27,2010:



Working with the FXG format in Flash CS5

First look at Adobe Media Encoder CS5

Introducing Flash CS5 Templates

Making the most of Flash CS5 Video Features

Creating Ripples in the Medici Fountain

An Introduction to Flash Video

Play sequential Video

Captioning video w/Soundbooth and Flash

Layers Magazine

Flash CS5 Overview

TextLayoutFramework: Flash CS5

Flash CS5: Code Snippets

Working with text in Flash, Part 1

Working with text in Flash, Part 2

Using the Flash Envelope Tool

Masking in Fireworks CS4

Using Pages in Fireworks CS4

Audio Visualization in Flash CS4

Using audio as a mask in Flash CS4

The 3D tools in Flash CS4

Using the Flash Vanishing Point

Using the Camera Object in Flash CS4

Creating Gradients in Flash CS4

Floating Text Effect in Flash CS4

Fireworks 101, Part 2

Animating Floating Text in Flash CS4

Flash CS4 Deco Tool

Soundbooth and Flash

From Flash to Video

Rain in After Effects 1

Rain in After Effects 2

Fireworks Slide Show

Digital Web Magazine

The Education of Freaks and Geeks

Video Captions and Flash CS3

Rise of Flash Video 1

Rise of Flash Video 2