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“Do you build on your current strengths or dumb them down?”

Who is this guy?

That is an obvious question. Having been involved with Post Secondary education for over a decade and an active member of the international, national and local New Media Communities, I have jammed a lot of experience into a relatively short time frame. Nine books in seven years, a ton of speaking engagements , Adobe Community Expert, Adobe Education Leader (Post Secondary),Community MX partner and other activities are a good example of that one. The biggest surprise so far has been my being lumped in with a group of 10 influential Flash Designers that Adobe pulled together to celebrate the 10'th anniversary of Flash. It was both a huge honor and rather humbling because, to be included in with that crew, is rather scary. The Flash ride has been one long,strange trip and it looks like it continues... here's to 10 more years.

Rather than get into a long-winded puff piece about me, which I really hate, here is my "I Love Me" stuff:


My approach to teaching and writing about New Media technologies is real simple: Focus on the process, not the technology. This philosophy has driven all of my teaching efforts in both the private and public sectors. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to hear a graduate of our program at Humber College, and there are few hundred of them around the world, tell me they have been hired because the association with Humber College opened the door to their New Media career. That has always been my bottom line.

Currently Professor, Interactive Multimedia, through the School of Media Studies at the Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto.

Humber College. Program Coordinator, Multimedia,

Humber College. Multimedia Instructor, Humber College.

Humber College. Instructor, Digital Imaging Training Center, Humber College.

Canadian Prepress Institute. Director of Curriculum.

Toronto Image Works. PrePress Instructor,


It was a huge surprise for me to discover that writing books and articles was simply an extension of my educational efforts. This happens on two fronts. My books and articles, in many respects, reflect my teaching style. They also force me to remain current with the technologies I teach.


If you write about it, you can be expected to talk about it as well. What I didn't expect was for it to take on an international dimension through the EMMA Foundation, Thunder Lizard, Flashinthecan and a number of Chinese Universities.

Industry stuff:

If you are going to teach, write and talk about the technologies, one of the best ways to stay current is to become involved with the very people who are setting the standards and best practices. It is my "in your face" response to those who think: Those that can– Do. Those that can't – Teach.


Foundation Flash CS3 for Designers... friendsofED. July 2007

Book cover

Fireworks CS3... Essential Traing for Lynda.com. April 2007

Lynda dot com branding.

From After Effects to Flash: friends ofED. December, 2006

Flash book

Foundation Flash Video: friends ofED. July, 2006

Foundation Flash Video cover

Flash Professional 8: Training from the source


TFTS cover





Captivate Visual QuickStart Guide:

Captivate VQS Cover

This one was released in January of 2005.





Building Dynamic Web Sites with Macromedia Studio MX 2004 :

Book 3Released in mid-October 2003, it was timed to co-incide with the release of the new Macromedia Studio MX 2004. Check it out on Amazon



What are they saying?

"The authors of this book take the reader through the necessary steps, from site planning and navigation structure, to implementation by the use of a fictional but realistic client website project. The liberal use of graphics and screenshots aids the reader in understanding how dynamic sites are built, along with how the various Macromedia software applications work together as a suite of tools. "

Judy Kiel,University of Utah.

"I really appreciated how the book's focus on teaching its readers how to integrate Macromedia's latest tools with one another melded seamlessly into the dynamic workflow being presented throughout the book. As well as how it not only showed you "how" to do certain tasks related to the project (step-by-step), but goes that extra step and tells you "why" you should do it that way. Throughout the book the authors took a "let the software do the work" approach to their instruction, which made the whole development process seem a lot less daunting and quite efficient. "

Brian Radford,Fraser Lake, British Columbia

...Enter "Building Dynamic Web Sites with Macromedia Studio MX 2004". This book is set to become a classic. It will change the way you work with "Studio MX 2004" forever. For a start you will find yourself using the entire package to its full potential as opposed to just tinkering around the edges...
Scared yet? Dont be. The authors go out of their way to guide you step by step through the process using ample diagrams and screen grabs. Their writing style is "up close and personal" almost as if they were sitting next to you having a chat. Their approach throughout is "let the software do the work".

Gord Knapp, Manchester England. Amazon.UK. Review


Building Web Sites with Macromedia Studio MX

Book 2

This is the second book. Released in 2002 it has been published in English, Russian, Italian and Spanish. Check it out on Amazon



What are they saying?

"This book takes an interesting approach to website construction guides/manuals. Whereas other books that I’ve seen tend to talk about the different tools and functions of a certain program, this one takes the viewpoint of actually constructing a website, and uses the tool (in this case, Macromedia Studio MX) as what it is, a tool, and not meant to override the design aspects of the person behind the tool. In a sense, if you extract the specific references to Macromedia Studio MX from the book, it would still provide a simple and understandable walkthrough in the design of a website, with all of the decisions and tradeoffs inherent to the design process. Many of these decisions are software-neutral, so they should serve as an indicator of what goes into thought of a website, and not the restrictions of the software you’re working with."

Antonio Rodriguez review on Barnes and Noble.

Director 8 & Lingo: Fast and easy web development

Book 1

This is the first one. It is still available through Amazon.